• Ernst & Young Assist: How Internal and External Services Created a "Single Source Solution"

      Turner, Sandra P.; Weiner, Michael, L.M.S.W.; Keegan, Kate (Taylor and Francis, 2005)
      EAP and work/life services have distinct, rich histories of developing and delivering workplace-based programs for employees and their dependents. They have different professional staff, technologies, scopes of service, operations and methods of program evaluation. But they reach out to the same clients (organization, individuals and families) with problem-solving skills and solutions, resulting in a positive impact on workplace productivity, recruitment and retention. These two services have the potential for great compatibility and synergy, if directed by a host employer to pursue common goals in an integrated fashion. There are various ways for an employer to provide integrated EAP and work/life resource and referral services for its employees. This case study argues for contracting with two specialized vendors, EAP and work/life, and shows how the employer collaborates with them to create a multifaceted program that has a single point of access and seamless, integrated service. This article provides the rationale for such a model of integration, a graphic depiction of this model, and an analysis of the successes and challenges of the close working relationship required by this model. Speculation about the how the model will adopt future innovations is suggested as well.