• Regulations & Implications for the Future of EAP

      Cagney, Tamara (1987-10)
      California ALMACANs have been struggling with their state's efforts to regulate employee assistance programs for the last three years. Their efforts have resulted in a limited exemption from Knox Keene regulation in the state.
    • The San Francisco Story: All It Just Takes is Two People Talking - Creating a Vision for the Workplace

      San Francisco Chapter of EAPA; Webb, Mike (San Francisco EAPA Chapter, 1998-01-01)
      This video was completed in 1998 by the San Francisco EAPA Chapter with the plan to interview the initial managers of several Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) with the then-current managers of the same programs when possible. Interviews were conducted with managers from the following EAPs: Chevron, PG&E, and Wells Fargo. The initial manager of the Bank of America EAP and the then head of the Levi Strauss program were also interviewed. George Cobbs, CEAP was interviewed. Cobbs was the President of EAPA, Inc. from 1994-1996 and was the head of the Member Assistance Program for the International Longshoreman Warehouse Union / Pacific Maritime Association in San Francisco. These Union programs were and continue to be an important resource for helping employees.