• Workplace Outcome Suite (WOS) Annual Report 2020: Part 2 - Profiles of Work Outcomes on 10 Context Factor of EAP Counseling Use.

      Attridge, Mark (Morneau Shepell, 2020-08)
      This is the fourth in the series of annual reports on the Workplace Outcome Suite (WOS). The 2020 Report is the second year that Morneau Shepell has had the privilege of collaborating with Dr. Mark Attridge on its completion. Usage of the WOS is increasing since it was introduced in 2010 and this year’s report is more robust than ever representing over 35,000 counseling cases globally. The Part 1 Report presents the primary results and study methodology. The Part 2 Report focuses on ten context factors associated with EAP use and provides detailed statistical profiles of WOS outcomes by subgroups of users on various factors. The effectiveness of EAP counseling is robust across almost all of the contexts with data to test. The extent of improvement from before to after counseling on WOS measures was generally consistent across client age and sex, across the clinical factors of the type of issue, the number of clinical sessions used, the total duration of the time period of the treatment period, and the source of referral into the EAP, and across different employer conditions of industry and whether the EAP was provided by an external vendor, internal staff, or a hybrid model.