• Trends in EAP Services & Strategies: An Industry Survey

      Attridge, Mark; Burke, John J., M.A. (Employee Assistance Society of North America (EASNA), 2011-10)
      This Note describes the results of a new research study of trends in the services and strategies offered by employee assistance programs(EAPs). Survey data was collected from 150 professionals in management and clinical roles from the United States and Canada who were active in the EAP Industry. Seven kinds of services were examined and rated for three issues: (a) frequency of use by organizational clients; (b) importance of defining what EAP should be; and (c) business value. Results of statistical analysis revealed three grouping of services: (1) CORE EAP Services include counseling and referral for individual employees, manager consultations and organizational support, and critical incident response; (2) Pareto EAP Services involve using the EAP to find and support indivuals in need of behavioral health expertise for treating high-risk conditions and for assistance with return to work for mental health and addiction disability; and (3)Connecting EAP Services using the Internet and other new technologies and also the integration of the EAP with Wellness and Work/Life programs to connect individuals to self-care and prevention services. Other trends & strategies for success of the field are addressed. Providing strategic, proactive and consultative approaches to the organization is a promising area for EAPs.