• Ask the Expert: Suicide Awareness and Prevention in the Workplace

      Vergolias, George; Gorter, Jeff (R3 Continuum, 2020-09-25)
      This webinar presents an overview of workplace suicide prevention and response with attention to awareness, workplace leadership and supportive workplace programming. The presenters also introduce the audience to the National Guidelines for Workplace Suicide Prevention (www.WorkplaceSuicidePrevention.com)
    • How Behavioral Health of Employees Impacts Business Continuity

      Vergolias, George; Brown, Hart S. (2021-04)
      Webinar on how the behavioral health of employees affects business continuity. When traumatic events happen, whether a robbery, natural disaster or even a pandemic, it impacts the lives of employees. It is imperative for business leaders to understand this process and plan for these events as much as possible. This webinar presented by two experts from R3 Continuum discuss some of the data from their work in the crisis arena and how best to prepare or adapt to some of these traumatic events.