• Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: How you can get your organization headed in the right direction

      Thompson, Sunette; Eisler, Jonathan; Haywood, Stephanie; Calderon, Kellie (Perspectives, Ltd., 2020-09-03)
      This webinar was offered by Perspectives, Ltd. and focused on diversity, equity and inclusion and how to get your organization headed in the right direction. From webinar: "It is 2020, but 85% of executive positions in the U.S. are still held by whites. Only 3% are Hispanic and 2% are Black. What's more, women and minorities continue to under-earn white male colleagues. For those leading change at their organization, our panel of account managers shared 12 steps to creating a successful DEI initiative, as well as best practices and examples of some companies that are getting it right. We covered: • Where do things stand in the U.S. today? • Why launch a DEI initiative? • What steps should you take? • What are some best practices? • Who is getting this right? • Questions and answers In response, some of the questions we received were: "How do you get more employee participation in voluntary D&I training?" "Can you talk about some best practices when it comes to inclusive interviewing?" "Given these highly divided times in our country whether politically or otherwise, Are people really willing to address these issues without the fear of reprisal, layoffs, etc.?" To explore virtual sessions like these for your organization, contact jeisler@perspectivesltd.com.
    • Fighting racism in the workplace: What you can do

      Haywood, Stephanie; Thompson, Sunette; Calderon, Kellie (2020-07-09)
      Perspectives, LTD hosted a panel webinar with three of their account managers--Stephanie Haywood, Sunette Thompson and Kellie Calderon. Together, they shared their professional experience of helping dozens of customers each on a daily basis. They also candidly offered personal experiences and fielded insightful audience questions from organization leaders, human resources executives and managers, who were all looking for solutions for their teams. The agenda covered: • Define Racism in the Workplace • How to Be an Ally • Understanding Diversity Versus Inclusion • Anti-Racism Resources • Q&A