• EAP and COVID-19: Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook

      The Wellness Society (The Wellness Society, 2020-04)
      This free online workbook is designed for adults who may be struggling with anxiety and other stressors resulting from or exacerbated by the Coronavirus pandemic. The Wellness Society aims to "bridge the gap for people who find long-term private therapy unaffordable yet are reluctant (or unable) to get help from overstretched mental health services. Fortunately, research shows that self-help tools are often enough for people to overcome mild to moderate mental health difficulties without professional support" (excerpted from https://thewellnesssociety.org/about/). This workbook is not focused on EAP practice, but is currently being used by EAPs as a tool that can be used by EAP clients. It is available freely to anyone who might be interested in using it or sharing it with others. Our professional's toolkit empowers private practice therapists and coaches to uplevel their practice with a wide range of holistic and beautifully designed tools – tools for both their clients and for supporting their own mental wellbeing.