• A research note on EAP prevalence, components and utilization

      Blum, Terry C.; Martin, Jack K., 1949-2015; Roman, Paul M. (1992)
      Descriptive data from recent survey data collections focused on EAPs are presented. A national survey of full-time employed persons describes the growing prevalence of EAPs, their reported use and workers' general satisfaction with them. More than 45 percent of the full-time workforce reported coverage by EAPs in 1991. A longitudinal study of a sample of internal EAPs reveals them to be remarkably stable. There is clear interdependence in the structural elements comprising EAPs. A study of initial referrals to EAP services at 84 worksites describes the characteristics of EAP caseloads, and allows some general comparisons with the nation sample of employees. Data indicate that EAPs are dealing extensively with employees with serious personal problems, confirming their utility to both employees and organizations.