• Associations between Substance Use, Depression and Work Outcomes: An Evaluation Study of Screening and Brief Intervention in a Large Employee Assistance Program

      Richmond, Melissa K.; Shepherd, Jennifer L.; Pampel, Fred C.; Wood, Randi C.; Briemann, Brie; Fischer, Leigh (Taylor and Francis, 2014)
      This study examined associations between behavioral health and workplace outcomes for 1,989 state employees served by a large EAP over 19-months. Screening and brief intervention was used to identify and intervene for risky substance use and depression at intake. Employees completed psychometrically sound self-report measures of workplace functioning. About 80% of EAP clients screened positive for depression. There was a strong association between depression and impaired workplace productivity. About 90 days after intake, 438 employees (22.0%) participated in a follow-up interview. Analyses of intake to follow-up indicated significant improvements in depression and workplace productivity, translating to substantial cost savings.