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      An essay concerning the mortality, now prevailing among the horned cattle, in several parts of Europe, and chiefly about London. Wherein a plain and successful method is laid down to treat the diseased cattle, and to prevent, in a good measure, the rapid progress of this fatal disorder [1]
      An essay on bilious fevers; or, The history of a bilious epidemic fever at Lausanne, in the year 1755 [1]
      Essay on Deafness [1]
      An essay on the causes of the variety of complexion and figure in the human species : to which are added, Strictures on Lord Kames's discourse on the original diversity of mankind [2]
      An essay on the nature, cause and cure, of a disease incident to the liver [1]
      An essay on the nature, causes, and treatment of deafness : and on the diseases and obstructions of the cavity of the tympanum, and of the eustachian tube, as causes of deafness, and a new method of treating them by medicated vapour [1]
      An essay on the use and effects of the root of the colchicum autumnale, or, meadow-saffron : shewing that it is a powerful remedy, and sometimes cures the most obstinate distempers, when other medicines utterly fail : with a figure of the plant, and an appendix concerning the cicuta, or hemlock [1]
      An essay upon the effects of camphire and calomel in continual fevers, illustrated by several cases : to which is added an occasional observation upon the modern practice of inoculation, and from the whole is deduced an argument in support of the opinion, that the alimentary canal is the principal seat of a fever [1]
      Essays medical and experimental [1]
      Essays medical and experimental. Vol. 2 [1]
      Essays on medical subjects : originally printed separately; to which is now prefixed an introduction relating to the use of hemlock and corrosive sublimate; and to the application of caustic medicines in cancerous disorders [1]
      Essays on the microscope : containing a practical description of the most improved microscopes : a general history of insects : illustrated with thirty-two folio plates [1]
      Essential Services Continue to Be Performed on Campus [1]
      Esther E. McCready, First African American Graduate from the School of Nursing, Class of 1953 [1]
      Eugene Fauntleroy Cordell, 1843-1913 [1]
      An Eulogium on the Character of Brother John Crawford, M.D., Late R.W.G.M. of Masons in Maryland : Delivered in the First Presbyterian Church, on the 24th June, 1813, in Obedience to a Resolution of the R.W.G. Lodge of Maryland [1]
      Everyone's Invited! Gala Cabaret Will Benefit The Hospital [1]
      The evolution of modern medicine; a series of lectures delivered at Yale University on the Silliman Foundation, in April, 1913 [1]
      The evolution of modesty; the phenomena of sexual periodicity; auto-erotism [1]
      Ex libris : Hermann Prinz [1]