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      Dissertatio medica de sympathia partium corporis humani, ejusque, in explicandis et curandis morbis, necessaria consideratione ... [1]
      Dissertatio medica inauguralis de absorbtione solidorum... publico atque solemni examini submittit Petrus Jacobus van Maanen ... [1]
      Dissertatio medica inauguralis, de angina inflammatoria ... [1]
      Dissertatio medica inauguralis, de angina pectoris [1]
      Dissertatio medica inauguralis, de asthmate. Quam ... ex auctoritate ... Gulielmi Robertson ... Academi edinburgen prfecti ... pro gradu doctoris ... eruditorum examini subjicit Patr|icius Murray, Britannus. Prid. id. junii [1]
      Dissertatio medica inauguralis, de febre maligna biliosa Americae;... pro gradu doctoratus ...eruditorum examini subjicit Joannes Moultrie [1]
      Dissertatio medica inauguralis, de haemorrhagiis: gradu doctoris ...eruditorum examini subjicit Robertus Scott, Britannus. [1]
      Dissertatio medica inauguralis, De perspiratione Sanctoriana : ... eruditorum examini subjicit Robertus Mercer Scoto-Britannus ... [1]
      Dissertatio Physiologica, De Causis Catameniorum [1]
      A dissertation concerning the use of sea water in diseases of the glands, &c. to which is added An epistolary dissertation to R. Frewin, M.D. [1]
      A dissertation on elective attractions [1]
      A dissertation on endemial diseases, or Those disorders which arise from particular climates, situations, and methods of living : together with a treatise on the diseases of tradesmen, to which they are subject by their particular callings, with the method of avoiding and treating them [1]
      A dissertation on simple fever : or, On fever, consisting of one paroxysm only [1]
      Distribution of assets upon the dissolution of the Auxiliary of University of Maryland Hospital, Inc. [1]
      The Doctor in Literature [1]
      Doctor Poet: Dr. Harry M. Robinson, Sr., 1884‐1963 [1]
      Doctor to talk on health care [1]
      Doctrines and practice of Hippocrates in surgery and physic / with occasional remarks, by Francis Riollay [1]
      Documents and correspondence of the American Physical Therapy Association and the American Registry of Physical Therapists regarding the organization's Principles of Ethics 1953-1954 [1]
      Documents and Correspondence on general physical therapy benefits and fees 1973 [1]