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      Cooper's Dictionary [1]
      Copy of proposed amendments to MD Code, Art. 43, Sec. 606, February 1966. Defeated in the MD Senate. [1]
      The Cordell Collection [1]
      The Cordell Historical Collection [1]
      Corollarium Institutionum rei herbariæ [3]
      Coronavirus and the Law [1]
      Coronavirus Concerns [1]
      Coronavirus Travel Impact [1]
      Coronavirus Vigilance and the Holidays [1]
      Correspondence and documents relating to the creation of the Maryland State Board of Physical Therapy Examiners, including possible board members 1947-1961 [1]
      Correspondence between Florence Kendall and Members of the Maryland House of Delegates regarding support for several State of Maryland House Bills 1977 [1]
      Correspondence between Florence P. Kendall and Catherine Worthington regarding applications for the American Physiotherapy Association 1941 [1]
      Correspondence between Leverone, Sprunt, Kaiser and Kendall regarding Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland January-March 1940 [1]
      Correspondence concerning the Viewing Room project [1]
      Correspondence regarding tax exempt status 1977 [1]
      Correspondence related to the Christmas Gift Committee 1971 [1]
      Correspondence related to United States House Bill 3761 1942-1944 [1]
      Correspondence relating to House Bill 736 proposed amendment to Article 43 of Maryland code (March-April 1967) [1]
      Correspondence relating to proposed amendments to Article 43 of Maryland Code regarding changing the definition of physical therapy 1966-1967 [1]
      Correspondence relating to the Maryland Chapter of the American Physiotherapy Association, mostly on the creation of the Maryland State Registry of Physical Therapists 1943-1945 [1]