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      Subtitle: Histoire des gallinsectes, des progallinsectes, & des mouches à deux aîles [1]
      Subtitle: Containing an account of their chymical principles, the experiments made upon 'em, their various preparations, their vertues, and the modern way of using them : together with a short view of the nature and periods of the diseases, in which they are proper, and some cautions relating to the disorders they sometimes occasion [1]
      Subtitle: Histoire des vers mineurs des feuilles, des teignes, des fausses teignes, des pucerons, des ennemis des pucerons, des faux pucerons, & l’histoire des galles des plantes, & de leurs insectes [1]
      Subtitle: New scientific invention, which enables the deaf to hear through the medium of the teeth, and the deaf and dumb to hear and learn to speak [1]
      Subtitle: Or, a concise and easy introduction to the sexual botany of Linnaeus. With the genera; their mode of growth (as tree, shrub or herb;) the number of species to each genus; where principally native; and the number indigenous to the British Isles [1]
      Subtitle: Suite de l’histoire des chenilles & des papillons; Et l'histoire des insectes ennemis des chenilles [1]
      Subtitle: Suite de l’histoire des mouches à deux aîles, & l’histoire de plusieurs mouches à quatre aîles, savoir, des mouches à scies, des cigales, & des abeilles [1]
      Subtitle: Sur les chenilles et sur les papillons [1]
      Subtitle: To which is added, Dr. Keil's Medicina statica britannica, with comparative remarks and explanations, as also medico-physical essays on ... [1]
      Subtitle: Wherein the difference, nature, causes, signs, and cure of all sorts of consumptions are explained [1]
      Suite de l’histoire des mouches à quatre aîles, avec un supplément à celle des mouches à deux aîles [1]
      Summary of results of a survey conducted by the Maryland Association of Hospital Auxiliaries presented at their Annual Meeting [1]
      Supplement to pamphlet descriptive of the Dentaphone [1]
      Supplement to the Elements of natural history and of chemistry of M. De Fourcroy [1]
      A supplement to the pharmacopoeia : being a treatise on pharmacology in general including not only the drugs and compounds which are used by practitioners of medicine, but also those which are sold by chemists, druggists, and herbalists ... [1]
      Supporting UMB CURE Scholars Through COVID-19 [1]
      Supravaginal Hysterectomy Without Ligature of the Cervix, In Operation for Uterine Fibroids: A New Method [1]
      Surgeons and chaplains [1]
      The Surgeons of Baltimore and Their Achievements [1]
      Surgical anatomy of the arteries : with plates and illustrations [1]