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      Laws of Maryland Related to Physical Therapy: Annotated Code of Maryland, Article 43. Health; Sections 604-614. Physical Therapy (1961 Typescript copy) [1]
      Laws of Maryland Related to Physical Therapy: Annotated Code of Maryland, Article 43. Health; Sections 604-614. Physical Therapy (1965 Annotations) [1]
      Lazari Riverii Consiliarii, Medici ac Professoris Regii ... Opera medica universa : quibus continentur, I. Institutionum medicarum libri quinque, II. Praxeos medicae libri septemdecim, III. Observationum medicarum centuriae quatuor : quibus accedunt observationes variae ab aliis communicatae : itemque observationes infrequentium morborum : ac denique ipsissima arcana Riverii plenè revelata : omnia non tantùm ab ipsomet authore ultimò revisa, emaculata locupletata, sed etiam à Joanne Daniele Horstio adornata, necnon à Joh. Jacobo Doebelio recensita : nunc verò singula peculiaribus suis indicibus illustrata [1]
      Lazari Riverii Opera Medica Omnia [1]
      Le Baume d'Acier [1]
      Le Charivari [3]
      Le cours de medecine en françois, contenant Le miroir de beauté et santé corporelle, par M. Louys Guyon Dolois, sieur de la Nauche ... et la Theorie avec un accomplissement de practique selon les principes tant dogmatiques, que chymiques ... par M. Lazare Meyssonier ... [1]
      Le grand dictionnaire françois et flamend ... Dat is, = Het groot fransch en nederduitsch woordenboek ... eerst ontwoorpen ... / door C. Rouxel en F. Halma ... verbetert, herstelt en in orde gebragt door François Halma ... [1]
      Le Grand Thomas [1]
      Le Mal De Dent [1]
      Lecture 1848 [1]
      A lecture introductory to the theory and practice of midwifery : including the history of that science, with a view of its several branches, and the proper means of attaining a perfect knowledge of the whole... [1]
      Lecture notes on general pathology : Baltimore Medical College, Session 1895-1896 [1]
      A lecture on gun shot wounds : prepared to be read before Prof. Dunbar’s private class [1]
      A Lecture on Muscular Motion, Read at the Royal Society, the 13th and 20th of November, 1788 [1]
      A lecture, containing plain descriptions of the situation of the large blood-vessels of the extremities : the instrument called tourniquet; and the methods of making effectual pressure on the arteries...Delivered to the scholars of the Maritime school, at Chelsea.. [1]
      A Lecture, Introductory To A Course Of Lectures On The Cause, Seat And Cure Of Diseases : Proposed To Be Delivered In The City Of Baltimore [1]
      A lecture, introductory to a course of lectures, now delivering in the University of Maryland [1]
      Lecture, introductory to a course on the theory and practice of medicine, delivered in the University of Maryland [1]
      Lectures on blood-letting; delivered at The General Dispensary, Aldersgate Street [1]