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      Vaccine lessons from the early 1800s: The Boon of Jenner and Covid-19 [1]
      Valedictory Address [1]
      Valedictory Address to the Graduates of the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Delivered at the Commencemenet Held on the 3d of March, 1866 by Samuel C. Chew, M.D. Professor of Materia Medica & Therapeutics [1]
      Valedictory Address to the Graduates of the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Delivered at the Commencement Held on the 4th of March, 1865 [1]
      The Valedictory Address, Delivered In the Holliday Street Theatre, At the Annual Commencement Of The School Of Medicine, In the University Of Maryland, March 5th, 1868 [1]
      Valedictory Discourse Delivered in the Holiday St. Theatre, at the Annual Commencement of the School of Medicine, In the University of Maryland, March 1, 1862 [1]
      Verhandeling over de rotkoortzen, welke in de voorige jaaren, voornaamelyk van 1770 tot 1774, zoo wel te land als inzonderheid op de uitgaande O. I. C. scheepen, geregeerd hebben ... Voorts de beste wys, om by stormend en regenachtig weder in een beslooten schip frische en zuivere lucht te brengen ... Nevens een onpartydig betoog van de nuttigheid der driedeks- boven de tweedeks schepen [1]
      Verhandeling over de voortteeling der dieren en planten [1]
      Verhandeling over den aart en de verscheidenheid der breuken [1]
      De vermibus in lepra obviis iuncta leprosi historia et de lumbricorum setis observationes [1]
      De viribus medicamentorum, or, A treatise of the virtue and energy of medicines : containing an ample account of all medicines whatsoever, whether physical or chirurgical, internal or external, with their several qualities, and proper doses, as also mathematical observations on the nature of solids and fluids, with respect to human bodies, with an accurate account of the properties of the blood, of its consistency, and laws of motion, the whole being interspers'd with many curious remarks neverbefore publish'd [1]
      Vittorio Cornelio [1]
      The Voice [1]
      Vol. 2: Observationum circa morbos acutos et chronicos factarum [1]
      Vol. 3: Camphorae vires [1]
      Vol. 4: Florum arnicae vires [1]
      Voyons ... Ouvrons la Bouche! [1]
      Walter Reed/James Carroll letters [1]
      Willard M. Hillegeist Collection of the Maryland Commission on Scholarships for Negroes Records Finding Aid [1]
      Willard M. Hillegeist Historical Research on the University of Maryland Collection [1]