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      Observationes anatomicae Jo. Dominici Santorini [1]
      Observations on a new and easy method of curing disorders, by factitious air, without the use of drugs : also, an enquiry into the medical properties of positive and negative electricity [1]
      Observations on epidemical disorders : with remarks on nervous and malignant fevers [1]
      Observations on morbid poisons, phagedaena, and cancer : containing a comparative view of the theories of Dr. Swediaur, John Hunter, Messrs. Foot, Moore and Bell, on the laws of the venereal virus. And also some preliminary remarks on the language and mode of reasoning adopted by medical writers [1]
      Observations on respiration, and the use of the blood. [1]
      Observations on some of the diseases of the parts of the human body : chiefly taken from the dissections of morbid bodies [1]
      Observations on the disease called the plague, on the dysentery, the ophthalmy of Egypt, and on the means of prevention. With some remarks on the yellow fever of Cadiz, and the description and plan of an hospital for the reception of patients affected with epidemic and contagious diseases. [1]
      Observations on the diseases of the army in Jamaica : and on the best means of preserving the health of Europeans, in that climate [1]
      Observations on the operation and use of mercury in the venereal disease [1]
      Observations on the seats and causes of diseases : illustrated by the dissections of the late Professor Morgagni of Padua. Vol. 1 [1]
      Observations on the surgical anatomy of the head and neck : illustrated by cases and engravings [1]
      Observations on the surgical pathology and treatment of aneurism, being the substance of a course of lectures on that disease, delivered in the school of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland during the session, 1839-40. Part 1 [1]
      Observations on the theory and cure of the venereal disease [1]
      Observations rares de médecine, d’anatomie et de chirurgie. Tome 2 [1]
      Observations sur la grossesse et l’accouchement des femmes, et sur leurs maladies, et celles des enfans nouveaux-nez [1]
      Observations sur les pucerons [1]
      Observations topographical, moral, & physiological: made in a journey through part of the Low-countries, Germany, Italy, and France: with a catalogue of plants not native of England, found spontaneously growing in those parts, and their virtues [1]
      Observationum anatomico-chirurgicarum centuria : accedit catalogus rariorum, quae in museo Ruyschiano asservantur [1]
      Observationum medicarum rariorum libri VII [1]
      October 1953 to May 5th - 1961 Minutes of the Woman's Auxiliary Board of the University Hospital [1]