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      A narrative of the two aerial voyages of Doctor Jeffries with Mons. Blanchard; with meteorological observations and remarks. The first voyage, on the thirtieth of November, 1784, from London into Kent: the second, on the seventh of January, 1785, from England into France [1]
      Nathaniel Potter Portrait [1]
      A natural and medicinal history of worms, bred in the bodies of men and other animals : taken from the authorities, and observations of all authors who have treated thereof, from Hippocrates to this time : together with an enquiry into the original of worms, and the remedies which destroy them, with a particular formula of medicines adapted to the use of families, and illustrated with several copper cuts [1]
      The natural history of Barbados : in ten books [1]
      The negociator's magazine: or, The most authentick account yet published of the monies, weights, and measures of the principal places of trade in the world [1]
      The nervous system of the human body : embracing the papers delivered to the Royal Society on the subject of the nerves [1]
      A new and complete American medical family herbal : wherein is displayed the true properties and medical virtues of the plants indigenous to the United States of America, together with Lewis' secret remedy, newly discovered, which has been found infallible in the cure of that dreadful disease Hydrophobia ... [1]
      A New and Highly Important Discovery, Arthur S. Cowan, Surgeon Dentist [1]
      A new digester or engine for softning bones [1]
      A new digester or engine for softning bones, containing the description of its make and use in these particulars: viz. cookery, voyages at sea, confectionary, making of drinks, chymistry, and dying. With an account of the price a good big engine will cost, and of the profit it will afford. [1]
      The new dispensatory: containing I. The elements of pharmacy. II. The materia medica, or an account of the substances employed in medicine with the virtues and uses of each article, so far as they are warranted by experience and observation. III. The preparations and compositions of the London and Edinburgh pharmacopoeias ... [1]
      The new London medical and surgical dictionary; including anatomy, chymistry, botany, materia medica, midwifery, pharmacy, physiology, etc., etc. with the collateral branches of philosophy, natural history, &c., &c. [1]
      A new method of chemistry; including the history, theory and practice of the art. Translated from the original Latin of Dr. Boerhaave's Elementa chemiae, as published by himself. To which are added, notes and an appendix, shewing the necessity and utility of enlarging the bounds of chemistry. Vol. 2 (2nd ed.) [1]
      A new method of treating the fistula lachrymalis [1]
      The new pharmacopoeia of the Royal College of Physicians of London [1]
      New York Academy of Medicine 1878 Constitution and By-Laws [1]
      Nicolai Stenonis Elementorum myologiae specimen, seu, Musculi descriptio geometrica : cui accedunt Canis carchariae dissectum caput, et Dissectus piscis ex canum genere : ad serenissimum ferdinandium II, magnum Etruriae ducem [1]
      Nicolai Tulpii ... Observationes medicae [1]
      Nieuwe en gemaklyke manier om het kwikzilver, aan lyders door de Venus-ziekte besmet, te laten gebruiken : waarby gevoegd is ene niewe onderstelling over de werking van deze bergstof in de speekzelwegen. [1]
      The nose and throat in medical history [1]