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      F. Fay, Dentiste [1]
      Facsimile of Saint Apollonia woodcut from the Nuremberg Chronicle [1]
      Facts, observations, and practical illustrations, relative to puerperal fever, scarlet fever, pulmonary consumption, and measles : a general view of the pathology and treatment of chronic diseases, with illustrations of the utility of sulphureous waters, and observations on the efficacy of the balsam of copaiva in inflammation of the mucous membranes [1]
      Family Advisor in the Use of Specific Homeopathic Medicine [1]
      Family Manual [1]
      A Family Manual : In Which Are Found Directions for the Use of His Family Antispasmodic, In More Than Twenty Diseases, To Wit Asiatic Cholera ... [1]
      De febre maligna biliosa Americae [1]
      Federal Register Classification of Physical Medicine Devices; Development of General Provisions 1979 [1]
      Feindel Dentiste [1]
      The female medical repository : To which is added, a treatise on the primary diseases of infants: adapted to the use of the female practitioners and intelligent mothers; the technical terms are explained, and an attempt hath been made to reduce these branches of "the healing art," to conciseness and perspicuity [1]
      The Ferencz Collection [1]
      The Ferencz Historical Collection [1]
      Fifth edition of the Practical proofs of the soundness of the Hygeian system of physiology, giving incontrovertible testimony to the afflicted, of the inestimable value of Morison's vegetable universal medicines: including, with other matter, 'The Origin of life, and cause of all disease explained;' an entirely new view of the origin of the smallpox virus, and of its being most certainly eradicable, or rendered harmless; and sundry cases of cure, with most important information connected with the successful promulgation of the Hygeian system in the United States of America [1]
      First Annual UniversityCenter Life Science Achievement Award Luncheon : an Event of the Greater Baltimore Committee's 4th Annual Tech Month [1]
      First lines of the practice of physic. Vol. 1 [1]
      First lines of the practice of physic. Vol. 2 [1]
      First lines of the practice of physic. Vol. 3 [1]
      First lines of the practice of physic. Vol. 4 [1]
      First lines of the theory and practice of philosophical chemistry [1]
      Flora diaetetica: or, History of esculent plants, both domestic and foreign. In which they are accurately described, and reduced to their Linnaean generic and specific names. With their English names annexed, and ranged under eleven general heads... [1]