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      Application of radiotelemetry in pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic modeling of procainamide and N-acetylprocainamide in sedentary and exercise trained rats [1]
      Application of shear analysis to predict flow and lubrication properties of consolidated powder beds [1]
      The application of transcriptional profiling to uncovering of the biology of the pre-erythrocytic stages of Plasmodium and the identification of protective pre-erythrocytic stage antigens [1]
      Applications of Bile Acid Transporters in Drug Delivery and Enterohepatic Circulation Assessment [1]
      Applications of Quantitative Proteomics and Phosphoproteomics to Study the Development of Resistance to Targeted Therapy in Cancer [1]
      Applying Bayesian network approaches to study health outcomes [1]
      Applying MyD88 signaling in CD8+ T cells to enhance anti-tumor immunity [1]
      Appraisal, coping, hardiness, and self-perceived health in spouse home caregivers of persons with dementia [1]
      Appraisal, coping, social support, and posttraumatic stress of trauma patients one week following accidental injury [1]
      Architecture of the primary immune response: Phenotypic and molecular genetic changes in antigen-driven B cell populations [1]
      Are Current Law Enforcement Strategies Associated with Lower Risk of Repeat Speeding Violations and Road Crash Involvement - A Longitudinal Study of Maryland Drivers [1]
      Assessing and Improving Patient Understanding of Publicly Reported Healthcare-Associated Infection-Related Hospital Quality Measures [1]
      Assessing Developmental Pathways of Young Children Investigated for Neglect and Predictors of Persistent Problems [1]
      Assessing the Exposures to and Impacts of Oil Constituents and Chemical Dispersants on Marine Invertebrates [1]
      Assessing the Impact of the Affordable Care Act Reimbursement Policy on the Medicare Home Health Care Market and Implications for Beneficiaries [1]
      Assessing the quality of feedback during clinical learning: Development of the Feedback Assessment for Clinical Education (FACE) [1]
      Assessing the Relationship between Adverse Childhood Experiences and Body Mass Index Trajectory of Children and Adolescents [1]
      Assessment of Bioequivalence in Nasal Sprays Containing Suspension Formulations [1]
      Assessment of diagnostic reasoning with standardized patients: Testing the reliability and validity of the diagnostic reasoning assessment [1]
      An Assessment of Lip Protrusiveness and Thickness in the Modern African American Patient: A Generational Comparison of Orthodontists [1]