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      Fn14-targeted, Tissue-penetrating Nanoparticles for Treatment of Primary and Metastatic Tumors [1]
      For our own good: The meaning of batterer intervention programs for women who have been abused. A Heideggerian hermeneutic inquiry [1]
      Forgiveness and psychotherapy [1]
      Formal Help-seeking among Female Victims of Sexual and Physical Violence: Individual, Interpersonal, and Incident Level Predictors [1]
      Formation of the reactive iron-oxo intermediate during the biosynthesis of nitric oxide by neuronal nitric oxide synthase and its possible mechanism in the generation of secondary free radicals [1]
      Formulation and manufacturing of tablets for instantaneous preparation of sustained release suspensions [1]
      Formulation of GM-CSF into biodegradable polymeric microspheres [1]
      Fracture Strength of Repaired Midline Fractures of Maxillary Denture [1]
      The Francisella tularensis Phagosomal Transporter Subfamily of Major Facilitator Superfamily Transporters is a Critical Determinant of Pathogenesis and Virulence and Modulates the Host Immune Response [1]
      Free and Glucuronidated Cannabinoids, Subjective, Physiological and Psychomotor Effects and In Vitro Cannabinoid Stability Following Controlled Smoked Cannabis Administration [1]
      From Cell Fate to Terminal Differentiation – Insights into Inner Ear Hair Cell Development from Cell Type-Specific Transcriptomic Analyses [1]
      Function of PilJ in the Clostridium difficile Type IV Pilus [1]
      Functional Analysis of the Polymorphic Membrane Protein Family of Chlamydia [1]
      Functional and structural studies of cholinergic receptors using physostigmine and acridines: Mapping of the recognition sites of acridine araphanes [1]
      Functional Characterization of CXCR3 Receptor Isoforms in Breast Cancer [1]
      Functional characterization of Myosin Binding Protein-C slow in health and disease [1]
      Functional disorders in luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone and A1 noradrenergic neurons in androgen-sterilized rats [1]
      Functional genomic approaches to delineate preterm birth and its regulation of placental transporter proteins [1]
      Functional Status and Muscle Evaluation in Older Women with Urinary Incontinence. [1]
      Functionality testing used to rationally assess performance of a model respiratory solution or suspension in a nebulizer [1]