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      The life cycle of welfare reform: Local renditions. A comparative case study of the implementation of the work requirements of TANF [1]
      Life stress, distress symptoms, and social supports among Korean immigrants who own small retail businesses [1]
      Lived experience of pediatric liver transplant recipients [1]
      The lived experience of surrogate decision maker and request for DNR orders on behalf of incompetent patients [1]
      Liver slice technology: An in vitro model for integrated biotransformation [1]
      Local Anesthesia Administration by New York State Dental Hygienists: Potential Barriers [1]
      Local calcium release in muscle [1]
      Locomotor Adaptation to a Novel Unilateral Swing Phase Perturbation in Nondisabled Individuals and Persons with Chronic Stroke and Hemiparesis [1]
      Longitudinal Assessment of Respiratory Symptoms and Pulmonary Function Among Flavor Manufacturing Workers [1]
      Longitudinal changes in psychosocial responses for spouses of post MI patients [1]
      A longitudinal exploration of the factors that affect the timing of women's decisions to leave abusive relationships [1]
      Longitudinal Patterns of Early Mental Health Service Utilization in a Medicaid-insured Birth Cohort and the Impact of Continuity of Care on the Quality of Pediatric Mental Health Treatment [1]
      Love without Violence: A new treatment for spouse abusers [1]
      Lower Gastrointestinal Tract Delivery of a Tetra-specific Antibody ABAB-IgG1 for the Treatment of Clostridium Difficile Infection (CDI) [1]
      Luminescent probes for the detection of glutamine and protein hydrodynamics [1]
      Lung cancer risk associated with pulmonary tuberculosis and inflammatory lesions in the lungs [1]
      Lymph node structure change following tolerance induction and immunization [1]
      M.S. Health Sciences: Online Master's Degree Program [1]
      A Macro View of a Micronutrient: Revealing the Genetics and Elucidating the Impact of Serum Sulfate on Human Health in the Old Order Amish [1]
      Making it Happen: Understanding Factors Related to Worker and Organizational Fidelity to Family Connections, a Child Maltreatment Prevention Program [1]