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      War and non-war stressors, family resources, coping and family adaptation among Lebanese families [1]
      Water Soluble Polymer Drug Therapies for Targeted Delivery to Pancreatic Cancer [1]
      Ways of promoting a healthy community: A critical ethnography of rural Thai women [1]
      Welfare recidivism: An examination of selected interpersonal factors as determinants of a return to welfare [1]
      WHAT CAUSES DIARRHEA IN THE UNITED STATES? Risk Factors for and Causes of Diarrhea in Selected Jurisdictions in the United States [1]
      Whole-genome analysis of Plasmodium falciparum isolates to understand allele-specific immunity to malaria [1]
      Within State Geographic Variation in Antipsychotic Medication Treatment for Medicaid-insured Children and Adolescents in a U.S. Pacific State [1]
      Women's self-efficacy for prevention of sexual risk behavior [1]
      Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Certifiers' Knowledge and Attitudes regarding the Prevention of Early Childhood Caries [1]
      The work environment of Army hospital nurses: Measurement and construct validity [1]
      Work stress/strain, low job satisfaction, and intent to leave home health care nursing among Home Health Care Registered Nurses (HHC RNs) [1]
      Work-related and personal factors influencing job satisfaction and intent to leave among certified nursing assistants in nursing homes [1]
      Workplace violence in the home visiting workplace: Development of measures [1]
      XIAP-p47 Pairing Activates the Immune Deficiency Pathway in the Lyme Disease Tick Ixodes scapularis [1]
      Yeast RNA polymerase II largest subunit replaced in vivo with a mouse RNA polymerase II largest subunit [1]
      Youth risk factors and educational outcomes of mentored and non-mentored youth [1]
      Zero-order release through nonuniform drug distribution in a noneroding diffusional matrix: Theoretical design and actual manufacture [1]
      "Zoom in" on protein functions through integrated mass spectrometry [1]
      ZSCAN4: A Novel Regulator of Telomere Length in Cancer [1]
      β-catenin, TCF, and ICAT in T cell development, function, and aging [1]