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      M.S. Health Sciences: Online Master's Degree Program [1]
      A Macro View of a Micronutrient: Revealing the Genetics and Elucidating the Impact of Serum Sulfate on Human Health in the Old Order Amish [1]
      Making it Happen: Understanding Factors Related to Worker and Organizational Fidelity to Family Connections, a Child Maltreatment Prevention Program [1]
      Malaria Transmission in Households in Blantyre, Malawi [1]
      Male client self-reports of domestic violence reduction following employee assistance program intervention for alcohol abuse [1]
      Management of Traumatic Brain Injury with Statins among Older Medicare Beneficiaries [1]
      Managing Change: The Process of Caregiving for Informal Caregivers of Head and Neck Cancer Patients [1]
      MAP Kinase Interacting Kinase-mediated translation in Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma [1]
      Mapping Brain Aldosterone and its Biosynthesis Using Mass Spectrometry [1]
      Mapping Expanded Prostate Cancer Index Composite (EPIC) Questionnaire to EuroQoL-5D (EQ-5D) Utility Weights to Inform Economic Evaluations for Prostate Cancer [1]
      Mapping Functional Circuitry in the Main Olfactory Bulb Using Intrinsic Flavoprotein and NAD(P)H Fluorescence Imaging [1]
      Mapping of Cannabinoid Type 1 Receptor Inputs into Dopamine Neurons of the Ventral Tegmental Area [1]
      Marital Satisfaction in Spouses of Patients with Chronic Aphasia: A Mixed Methods Study [1]
      Mass Spectrometry based structural analysis and systems immunoproteomics strategies deduce specifics of host-pathogen interactions [1]
      Maternal coping with childhood cancer [1]
      Mathematical models in the study of the amino acid sequence of HLA class I molecules in reference to their ability to present peptides [1]
      Matriptase in Skin: Function and Regulation [1]
      Maxillary Sinus Morphology: A Radiographic Retrospective Evaluation of Sinus Septa in Caucasian and African-American Subjects [1]
      Maxillary Sinus Morphology: A Radiographic Retrospective Evaluation of the Posterior Superior Alveolar Artery in Caucasian and African-American Subjects [1]
      The meaning, process, and consequences of nurse caring as perceived by spinal cord injured individuals during rehabilitation [1]