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      Early Events in Rhesus Macaque Corpus Luteum Formation: Regulation and Role of Progesterone [1]
      Early Symptom Improvement as a Predictor of Antidepressant Response in Children and Adolescents Diagnosed with Depression: Translating Evidence from Randomized Controlled Trials to Community Practice [1]
      An ecological approach to reducing child maltreatment [1]
      An econometric model for patients hospitalized with community-acquired pneumonia [1]
      An economic and outcome evaluation of the Pharmaceutical Care Services Program for Maryland Medicaid recipients [1]
      The economic impact of DUR interventions on the pharmacological management of asthma in children [1]
      EEG, EEG power spectral and behavioral profiles of two inbred rat strains upon acute and chronic opiate exposure [1]
      The Effect and Predictability of Root Surface Biomodification on Periodontal Surgical Outcome: A Systematic Review [1]
      The Effect and Predictability of Root Surface Biomodification on Periodontal Surgical Outcomes [1]
      Effect of 3 Year Weight History on Quantitative Ultrasound Parameters in Older Mainland Chinese Women and Men [1]
      The effect of a computerized physician order entry system on managing continuous infusion medications at a pediatric intensive care unit [1]
      Effect of a Nurse Led Mindfulness Intervention with At-Risk Adolescents [1]
      Effect of a Nurse-Led Mindfulness Intervention with At-Risk Adolescents [1]
      The effect of age on the outcomes of combination antiretrovrial treatment in resource limited settings [1]
      The effect of animal-assisted therapy on children's stress during hospitalization [1]
      The Effect of Annealing on the Elastic Modulus of Orthodontic Wires [1]
      The Effect of Bar Design and Repetitive Loading on the Reverse Torque Values of Lateral Set Screws [1]
      The Effect of Bracket Manipulation at Various Time Intervals on Final Bond Strength of Three Orthodontic Adhesives [1]
      Effect of Cadmium Exposure on the Transport System of Organic Cation Transporters and Multidrug and Toxin Extrusion Proteins (OCTs/MATEs) [1]
      The Effect of CAMBRA Agents on Fracture Strength of Lithium Disilicate Crowns [1]