• The Golden Proportion In Denture Teeth

      Rivera, Elias M.; Driscoll, Carl F. (2011)
      Purpose: The purpose of this study was to investigate the proportion of anterior to posterior denture teeth manufactured by two major manufacturers (Ivoclar and DENTSPLY) and determine if they follow the suggested Golden Proportion. Materials and Methods: Sixty-six maxillary denture teeth from two different companies (Ivoclar and DENTSPLY) were set using a standardized technique. The most popular small, medium and large moulds were tested from each company (n=11). 30-degree posterior teeth were used. All the samples were photographed and the images were analyzed using computer software to measure the visible widths of the maxillary anterior and posterior teeth. The existence of the golden proportion was investigated. Results: The golden proportion was not found to exist between maxillary anterior and posterior denture teeth. Conclusion: The measured width of anterior and posterior denture teeth did not equal the calculated width based of the Golden Proportion in either Ivoclar or DENTSPLY denture teeth.