• Comparing the Accuracy of Occlusal Vertical Dimension Transfer in Cad-Cam Dentures

      Satin, Sara Reanne; Masri, Radi, 1975-; 0000-0001-8470-6948 (2022)
      This laboratory-based study investigated the accuracy of transferring the VDO of the maxillary/mandibular relationship when designing and fabricating digital dentures by evaluating two commonly used workflows: duplicate dentures (DD) and occlusion rims (OR). 15 STLs were obtained for each workflow. Three measurements in deviation (mm) were obtained, then 3D-deviation values were averaged for each workflow at each location. A two-way ANOVA was used for the statistical analysis to evaluate differences between the methods and location of measurement. The average deviation for OR was higher than DD at all locations of measurement. There was a statistically significant difference between the DD and OR workflows [F=46.00, p<0.0001]. There was no statistically significant difference in deviation between the points of measurement [F=0.15, p<0.86] or between the location and method [F=0.02, p<0.98]. The DD workflow exhibited less deviation in transfer of VDO than the OR workflow. The location of the measurements had no significance.