• Emerging Approaches to Managing and Analyzing Large Data Sets for Longitude Studies

      Bell, Beverly (2014-07-17)
      Learning Objectives • Gain a better understanding of the challenges to leveraging data as well as providing pragmatic approaches to creating analytics capability to achieve better results • Provide recommendations on how to spark the ‘ah - ha’ moment about the power of analytics and remove barriers to adopting this technology • Share experiential practices for the management, utilization and adoption of large amounts of data
    • Key Concepts and Relationships in Data Analytics: Data Governance

      Costin, Melinda Y.; Lockwood, Linda, M.B.A., R.N.; Ozbolt, Judy G.; Tinker, Ann (2015-07)
      At the end of this session participants will understand: • Importance of data and a data governance strategy in the “Fee for Value” world • Why organizations struggle with data governance • Key concepts for effective data governance • Role that nursing informaticists play in data governance • How to perform a self assessment and apply principles based on this presentation