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      The Human Papilloma Virus: How Will It Affect Your Practice? [1]
      Human Resources Management and Best Practices for the Department Administrator [2]
      Identifying the key players in osteopontin/alpha(v)beta(3)-mediated migration and invasion of metastatic prostate cancer cells [1]
      IL-17/Th17 responses and their influence on oral microbial communities [1]
      Immune Responses to a Francisella Lipid A Mutant: Characterization and Therapeutic Potential [1]
      Immunohistochemistry Analysis of Ki-67 and P53 Proteins in Oral Lichen Planus Compared to Other Oral Epithelial Lesions [1]
      The Impact of Gender on Dental Implant Stability assessed using Resonance Frequency: A Systematic Review [1]
      The Impact of Mandatory Continuing Education on Maryland Dental Hygienists' Reporting Behaviors Regarding Child Abuse and Neglect [1]
      Impaired Histatin-5 Levels and Salivary Antimicrobial Activity against C. albicans in HIV Infected Individuals [1]
      Implications of underperforming light energy delivery for posterior composite: insights into delivered radiant exposure, degradation characteristics, and biofilm formation. [1]
      Improved oral health quality of life and satisfaction with implant-supported overdentures for patients with type 2 diabetes [1]
      In Vitro and in Vivo Characterization of Candida albicans and Streptococcus mutans Interactions [1]
      In vitro production of human antibodies reactive with periodontal pathogens, using Epstein-Barr virus immortalization of B lymphocytes derived from peripheral blood of periodontal patients, with an emphasis on the production of a human monoclonal antibody reactive with the heat-modifiable outer membrane protein of Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans [1]
      In Vivo Evaluation of Contemporary Endodontic Antimicrobial Procedures [1]
      An in vivo Investigation of Dentin-Pulp Regeneration [1]
      An In-Depth Analysis of Borderline Class I Malocclusions in Black Patients at the University of Maryland [1]
      An In-Depth Analysis of Borderline Class I Malocclusions in Caucasian Patients at the University of Maryland [1]
      Incidental Findings in Cone Beam Computed Tomography Images During Prosthodontic Evaluation: Characteristics of Head and Neck Atheromas [1]
      The Incorporation of E-Learning into the Didactic Portion of the Dental Student Curriculum [1]
      The Increased Need for Sedation in Dental Education [1]