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      Early Childhood Caries: Treatment Options [1]
      The Effect and Predictability of Root Surface Biomodification on Periodontal Surgical Outcome: A Systematic Review [1]
      The Effect and Predictability of Root Surface Biomodification on Periodontal Surgical Outcomes [1]
      The Effect of Annealing on the Elastic Modulus of Orthodontic Wires [1]
      The Effect of Bar Design and Repetitive Loading on the Reverse Torque Values of Lateral Set Screws [1]
      The Effect of Bracket Manipulation at Various Time Intervals on Final Bond Strength of Three Orthodontic Adhesives [1]
      The Effect of CAMBRA Agents on Fracture Strength of Lithium Disilicate Crowns [1]
      The Effect of CAMBRA Recommended Anti-Caries Agents on Surface Roughness of Lithium Disilicate Ceramics [1]
      The Effect of Cementation Techniques on Marginal Seal of Porcelain Veneers [1]
      The Effect of Disinfectants on Shade Tabs [1]
      Effect of Disinfectants on Various Shade Tabs [1]
      Effect of drug-eluting nanoparticles (prednisolone) on injured pulp, in vivo [1]
      The effect of electrical stimulation on success of bone grafts: an in vivo study [1]
      The effect of grooves on the load to dislodgement of Procera crowns [1]
      The effect of implant angulation and impression technique on impression accuracy of NobelActive implants. [1]
      The Effect of Impression Technique, Connection Type and Implant Angulation on Impression Accuracy [1]
      The Effect Of Locator Abutment Height On The Retentive Values Of Pink Locator Attachments: An In Vitro Study. [1]
      The Effect of Maxillary Features and Occlusal Parameters on "sh" Production in Control and Glossectomy Subjects [1]
      Effect of Maxillary Features on Tongue Anteriority in Glossectomy and Control Speakers [1]
      The effect of neodymium:yttrium-aluminum-garnet laser treatment at different power settings and distances on hydroxyapatite-coated dental implants: A scanning electron microscope study [1]