• The Relationship between Short Term Healing of Periapical Lesions and Glycemic Control

      Tawady, Tontesh Shivakumar; Tordik, Patricia (2016)
      Aim: This study aimed to examine the relationship between HbA1c level and short-term healing of periapical lesions. Methods: Patients were recruited for the study (n=21). After RCT, the final radiograph was taken, and the patient's blood was drawn for HbA1c analysis. The patients returned in six months for a recall examination. The Periapical Index (PAI) scoring system was used to compare the difference in the periapical status from the initial appointment and at the recall appointment. Results: Out of 21 recruited patients, eight patients returned for recall. To investigate the rate of healing and how it related to the patients' Hba1c levels, Pearson's r was done with the HbA1c of the recall patients (N=8) and the level of healing (difference in PAI). This correlation was r= -.474. Conclusion: There was a negative correlation between HbA1c level and the level of healing of periapical lesion, this correlation was not statistically significant.