• The Effect of Cementation Techniques on Marginal Seal of Porcelain Veneers

      Okasha, Ismail; Masri, Radi, 1975- (2013)
      Today's society has embarked on a quest for the latest and greatest tools to help enhance esthetics and function. More specific to the realm of dentistry, the demand for treatment of unaesthetic anterior teeth is rapidly growing. The advancement of material science and cementation techniques have paved the way for restorations, such as veneers, as a reasonable alternative to the durable and predictable full coverage crowns that have been used for many years. There is little data, however, in the literature comparing different adhesive cementation techniques and their effect on the marginal integrity. The aim of this study is to measure the marginal discrepancy of porcelain veneers adhesively cemented using four different techniques: fully polymerized with Griptab carrier, partially polymerized with Gribtab carrier, fully polymerized with finger pressure and partially polymerized with finger pressure. Using a micoscope, measurements were taken before and after cementation at four different locations for each fabricated porcelain veneer. The differences in measurements were taken and statistically analyzed. Within the limitations of this study, no significant difference was found among the four test groups and the values of the marginal gap were within clinically acceptable limits. Since the results of the different groups do not deviate between them, clinically, the operator should choose among the above techniques depending on their personal preference.