• Evaluation of Periodontal Changes Adjacent to Extraction Sites Following Orthodontic Tooth Movement

      Courtney, Sarah; Aichelmann-Reidy, Mary Beth (2015)
      There is an intimate relationship between orthodontic therapy and the periodontal changes that occur during tooth movement. Orthodontic therapy often includes premolar extractions to accomplish an ideal occlusion. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the impact on the periodontium of tooth movement through an extraction site. Subjects requiring premolar extraction prior to orthodontic tooth movement were selected. Periodontal clinical parameters and hard tissue measurements were completed. Pre- and post- treatment measurements were subject to paired t-test and multivariate analysis of variance. In the results, probing depth, recession and CAL were similar pre- and post-treatment. Pre and post treatment recession differences were noted between Asian, Hispanic and African American subjects. Overall, the findings support limited soft tissue changes following tooth movement into an extraction site. Soft tissue changes following tooth movement into an extraction site appear not detrimental to the periodontal tissues.