• An Assessment of Lip Protrusiveness and Thickness in the Modern African American Patient: A Generational Comparison of Orthodontists

      Battle, Yvette; Pae, Eung-Kwon (2015)
      The goal of this research is to investigate the relationships and dimensions of the most favorable African American lip profile for the 21st century using the professional opinion of 10 experienced versus 10 new generation orthodontists. A comparative ranking of 16 African American profiles, with a focus on lip protrusiveness and thickness will be made among the groups. Results will be converted to measured data using the mixed effects linear regression model. Profiles will be compared to the normative values and esthetics set by prior orthodontic analyses. Because of the changing demographics in the United States and worldwide, orthodontists should be more conscious when using the standardized profile prescriptions and analyses made from and for Caucasians, on the African American patient. A straight profile is not perceived as normal for the African American patient and if so, an adequate level of lip protrusiveness and thickness should be maintained and is essential in the proper esthetics for this group.