• A Novel Magnetic Nanoparticle Containing Adhesive to Enhance Microtensile Bond Strength of Composite Resin to Dentin: An in vivo Study.

      Bulloch, Brandon; Masri, Radi, 1975- (2022)
      Purpose: An in vivo study to compare microtensile bond strength and resin tag density of a novel adhesive that relies on magnetic force. Materials and Methods: Twenty-five teeth were obtained from subjects. In the experimental group, teeth were restored with a novel nanoparticle adhesive and magnetic force (n=16). In the control group (n=9), no nanoparticle or magnetic force was used. Teeth were extracted and cut into beams. Microtensile bond strength and resin tag density were measured. A two tailed student t test was used to compare groups. P<0.05 was considered significant. Results: There was a significant increase of microtensile bond strength of the experimental group compared to controls (P= 0.025). The SEM images showed resin tag density was increased by a magnitude of two with the experimental group. Conclusion: Magnetic force improves the microtensile bond strength and resin tag density of resin adhesive when used in vivo.