• Broad-spectrum, long-term antibiofilm features of metallic nanoparticles and antibacterial monomers on dental adhesive and resin composite surfaces

      Melo, Mary Anne; Weir, Michael D.; Cheng, Lei; Zhang, Ke; Xu, Hockin H. K. (2016-10)
      Concerns about the development of caries at the margins of restorations have been taken into consideration since the main reason for composite restoration failure in the long term is secondary caries. Restorative dental materials such as resin composite and adhesive systems are in contact with tooth and can be the ideal vehicle for delivering anticaries agents. Based on nanotechnology, silver nanoparticles (NAg) were developed and incorporated into dental resin-based materials. These nano-sized particles in the resin-based dental materials increased the ion release due to the higher surface area of the nanoparticles. Recent studies have demonstrated the capability of these materials for reduce bacterial load without detriment of their mechanical properties.