• Variation in Accessory Branches of the Mylohyoid Nerve in the Posterior Mandible: An Anatomic Study

      Ottey, Elizabeth Alston; Stone, Maureen L. (2020)
      Purpose: To examine the courses and branching patterns of the mylohyoid nerve in adult cadavers in order to determine if there are accessory branches, which insert on the posterior mandible. Materials and Methods: 25 cadavers preserved in 10% formalin were dissected in the gross anatomy dissection lab. The mylohyoid and any varying branches were dissected and preserved as far as possible. The dissected cadaver’s data sets were analyzed using Image J software. Results: 12 out 25 (48%) cadavers had at least one accessory branch present that attached to the posterior mandible. The accessory branch identified was located an average of 2.3 cm from the posterior mandible. Conclusion: Accessory branches of the mylohyoid exist in the posterior mandible. Our next step is testing the identified branches to confirm if they are nerve fibers.