• Optimal Antero-Posterior Position of the Maxillary Central Incisors and its Relationship to the Forehead in Adult Asian Males

      Kocan, Jessica; Sanchez, Dina (2021)
      Objective: To determine an optimal antero-posterior (AP) position of the maxillary central incisors (CI) and its relationship to the forehead in Asian males. Methods: Smiling profile photographs of 60 Asian males were obtained and divided into three groups based on the judged AP position of CI (“just about right,” “too far forward,” “too far back”), as evaluated by orthodontists and laypersons. CI position and forehead inclination (FI) were measured relative to glabella vertical (GV). Statistical analysis tested for differences among groups, differences between orthodontists and laypersons, and the relationship between CI position and FI. Results: Optimal CI position was 0.86mm anterior to GV. There were statistical differences between orthodontists and laypersons in the study groups. CI position and FI showed moderate positive correlation. Conclusions: In Asian males, the AP position of the CI can be evaluated relative to the forehead, to plan for optimized CI position and maximized facial harmony.