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      Antibody against Microbial Neuraminidases Recognizes Human Sialidase 3 (NEU3): the Neuraminidase/Sialidase Superfamily Revisited [1]
      Anticipation and Prevention of Antimicrobial-Resistant Bacterial Infection in Severely Ill Hospitalized Patients [1]
      Anticipatory task-related modifications in reach: age-related changes and implications for children with DCD [1]
      Antiretroviral Drug and Ethanol Meconium Markers for In Utero Exposure Identification and Infant Toxicity Prediction [1]
      Antisense oligodeoxynucleotide inhibition of sodium-calcium exchange in cardiac and arterial myocytes [1]
      The application of transcriptional profiling to uncovering of the biology of the pre-erythrocytic stages of Plasmodium and the identification of protective pre-erythrocytic stage antigens [1]
      Applied Integrative Medicine Training Program [1]
      Applying MyD88 signaling in CD8+ T cells to enhance anti-tumor immunity [1]
      Approval Letter for Change of Name: Center for Vaccine Development and Global Health [1]
      Architecture of the primary immune response: Phenotypic and molecular genetic changes in antigen-driven B cell populations [1]
      Are Current Law Enforcement Strategies Associated with Lower Risk of Repeat Speeding Violations and Road Crash Involvement - A Longitudinal Study of Maryland Drivers [1]
      Artemisinins for Treatment of Acute Leukemias [1]
      Assessing and Improving Patient Understanding of Publicly Reported Healthcare-Associated Infection-Related Hospital Quality Measures [1]
      Assessing the cost-effectiveness of Family Connections [1]
      Assessing the Impact of the Affordable Care Act Reimbursement Policy on the Medicare Home Health Care Market and Implications for Beneficiaries [1]
      Assessment of novel rapid assays to accurately diagnose Hepatitis C Virus infection [1]
      Assessment of the Functional Relevance of the Claustrum in Attention [1]
      Association between History of Chronic Lung Disease and Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma in Maryland [1]
      Association between Iron Deficiency with or without Anemia and Infants’ Cognitive, Motor, and Socio-emotional Development: Cross-sectional and Longitudinal analyses [1]
      Association of arsenic-induced malignant transformation with DNA hypomethylation and aberrant oncogene expression [1]