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      Galantamine prevents soman-induced apoptotic cell death in the guinea pig brain [1]
      The Gathering Storm: Is Untreatable Typhoid Fever on the Way? [1]
      Generating an Improved iPSC-CM Model System for Studying the Effects of Cav1.2 Mutations [1]
      Genetic analysis of BvgA activaton of virulence gene promoters in Bordetella pertussis [1]
      Genetic and Environmental Determinants of Quantitative Platelet Markers in the Pharmacogenomics of Antiplatelet Intervention (PAPI) Study [1]
      Genetic and Functional Characterization of Zonulin as Prehaptoglobin-2 and its Role in Inflammation and Autoimmunity [1]
      Genetic and Functional Studies of the Evolutionarily Oldest Natural Killer Receptor, NKp30 [1]
      Genetic Modification of Sickle Cell Disease in Hematopoietic Stem Cells [1]
      Genetic studies and role in virulence of mannose-resistant/proteus-like (MR/P) fimbriae of uropathogenic Proteus mirabilis [1]
      Genetic susceptibility to prostate cancer: Association and linkage studies of candidate genes in the androgen metabolism pathway [1]
      The Genetic Testing Experience of Individuals with Parkinson Disease [1]
      Genetic Variation in Platelet Function as a Risk Factor for Ischemic Stroke [1]
      Genetics and Epidemiology of Celiac Disease [1]
      Genetics of mood disorder diagnosis, behavioral endophenotypes, and cognition in the Old Order Amish founder population [1]
      Genetics of nickel ion incorporation into Proteus mirabilis urease [1]
      Genome-wide Screening of Cellular Suppressors against HIV-1 Protease in Fission Yeast (Schizosaccharomyces pombe) [1]
      Genomic Epidemiology of the Malaria Parasite Plasmodium falciparum: Implications for Whole-Organism Malaria Vaccine Development [1]
      Genomic Medicine in Diabetes: Improving the Diagnostic Rate of Monogenic diabetes [1]
      The Genomics and Epidemiology of Typhoid Fever in Samoa [1]
      George H. Yeager, M.D. [1]