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      CACNA1C Modulation of Mood Disorder Pathophysiology in the Mesolimbic Dopamine System [1]
      Calcium and BK Potassium Channel Regulation of Circadian Rhythms in the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus [1]
      Calcium sparks in embryonic and postnatal mouse skeletal muscle [1]
      Calcium transport in intact mammalian fast-twitch and slow-twitch skeletal muscle fibers [1]
      Calcium(2+) physiology in primary vagal sensory neurons [1]
      Calcium(2+)-signaling in cardiac muscle: From development to heart failure [1]
      Calcium/CaM-sensitive adenylyl cyclase and its role in neuronal plasticity during learning in Aplysia [1]
      Can Serology Supplant Endoscopy Biopsy for Diagnosis and Monitoring of Celiac Disease? [1]
      Can you hear me now? Towards a model of age-related difficulty in noisy environments [1]
      Cancer Center Maintains Highest Level of Distinction [1]
      Cancer Mortality among US Solid Organ Transplant Recipients: Novel Methodologies to Estimate Cancer Burden using Linked Population-Based Registries [1]
      Cancer Stem Cell-Induced Vascularization of Skin Cancer Tumors is Driven by Novel Signaling Mechanism Specific to VEGF-A/NRP-1 Interaction [1]
      Candida albicans-Staphylococcus aureus dual-species biofilms mediate invasive staphylococcal infection [1]
      The capsular polysaccharide of Vibrio cholerae O139 Bengal: Induction and modulation of host-cell mediated immune responses [1]
      Capturing the Stem Cell [1]
      Car Seat Screening in Infants with Critical Congenital Heart Disease [1]
      Carbon tetrachloride and chloroform induced toxicity and DNA strand breaks in primary Fisher 344 rat, B6C3F1 mouse, and human hepatocytes and three immortalized human liver epithelial cell lines [1]
      Cardiac Ca2+ Signals: From Local Elevations, A Matrix of Potential [1]
      Cardiac Coaching: A Zero-Cost Secondary Prevention Program for Acute Coronary Syndrome Survivors [1]
      Cardiovascular Health Update: A Broad Look [1]