• The Neglect Scale: Confirmatory Factor Analyses in a Low-Income Sample

      Harrington, D.; Zuravin, S.; Depanfilis, D.; Ting, L.; Dubowitz, H. (SAGE Publications Inc., 2002)
      The Neglect Scale is an easy-to-administer, retrospective, self-report measure of neglect. Research conducted by Straus and colleagues with college students indicates that this scale has a high level of internal consistency reliability and moderate construct validity. The purpose of this article is to examine the reliability and validity of the Neglect Scale when used with a low-income, inner-city sample. The sample included 151 women who were participating in a neglect prevention demonstration project. The Neglect Scale was completed as part of a computer-administered baseline interview before services were provided. To assess whether the 20-item, four-factor structure reported by Straus et al. fit the data from this sample, a confirmatory factor analysis was performed; the model did not fit the data well. Additional analyses identified a model that did fit the data well and suggest that the Neglect Scale is a promising self-report measure. Copyright 2002, Sage Publications. All rights reserved.