• Ethical issues in professionals' response to child maltreatment

      Dubowitz, H. (SAGE Publications Inc., 1997)
      Many ethical dilemmas confront professionals in the field of child maltreatment. These include (a) moving from a minimal standard of what is adequate to a higher standard of good care; (b) weighing the needs and interests of children and parents; (c) determining what should be disclosed to families, for research and clinical purposes; (d) handling information that may be considered confidential; (e) establishing children's right to protection; (f) intervening with drug-exposed new-borns; (g) reporting maltreatment to agencies one might not have confidence in; and (h) considering child care practices of different religious and cultural groups. This article briefly raises ethical issues involved in these areas and suggests approaches based on clinical experience and the literature in medicine. As we aim to provide optimal care, there is a need for continuing examination of these complex ethical issues. Copyright 1997 Sage Publications, Inc.