• Multi-Joint Somatosensory Assessment in Patients Post Stroke

      Zhang, Li-Qun; Xu, Dali; Kang, Sang Hoon; Roth, Elliot J.; Ren, Yupeng (2017-10-09)
      Introduction: Stroke survivors experience sensory impairment, which was reported as a main predictor for motor recovery post stroke. Understanding the characteristics of somatosensory deficits post stroke is helpful in motor relearning and recovery. Previous studies of touch and proprioception focused on characteristics of a single joint (Pumpa, Cahill, & Carey, 2015; Winward, Halligan, & Wade, 1999). There has been a lack of characterization of multi-joint proprioception and their changes post stroke. Considering that human functional activities almost always involve multiple joints simultaneously, examination and treatment of multiple joints are important. Objectives: To investigate the somatosensory perceptions at the shoulder, elbow and wrist joints and their changes post stroke, as compared to that of healthy subjects.