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      eJournal Verification: Going the Distance to Provide Seamless Access [1]
      eJournal Verification: Is It Worth the Effort? [1]
      Empowering High School Students: Health Sciences Librarians Partners in a Health Advocacy Education Project [1]
      Engaging Instructors in E-reserves [1]
      Engaging Library Staff in Meaningful Work [1]
      ERM Ideas and Innovations: Digital Repository Management as ERM [1]
      The Evolution of HS/HSL's Communications Strategy [1]
      Exploring and Expanding Staff Skills and Expertise to Elevate Library Services [1]
      Final report on WorldCat Local by the HSHSL WCL Task Group [1]
      From idea to impact: Holistic support for the research scholar [1]
      From nonprofits to libraries: Information gathering, communication, and relationship-building--skills that transcend fields [1]
      From study room to studio: designing state-of-the-art collaboration space [1]
      From the Creators of the National Docline Coordination Office Comes ... I Know What You Did Last Summer: Created a New National Office, Of Course! [1]
      Fusing the Gap between Intentions and Reality: A Study of Distance Learning Drop-outs [1]
      Getting Patrons into the Game: Utilizing 30 Minute Workshops and Theme Weeks to Improve Workshop Attendance [1]
      Getting Patrons into the Game: Utilizing Thirty-Minute Workshops and Theme Weeks to Improve Workshop Attendance [1]
      Health Literacy and Consent Forms: Librarians Support Research on Human Subjects [1]
      High-performance computing service for bioinformatics and data science [1]
      A House Divided : The Civil War And The University Of Maryland, With Other Items From HS/HSL’s Special Collections [1]
      HSHSL's Rethinking Website Content Management [1]