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      Challenges of Calculating Return on Investment: The HS/HSL Experience [1]
      Changing the Conference Game for Students: Developing the MAC Student Vision Program [1]
      Charting Unknown Territory: Digitizing Lab Notebooks [1]
      Collaboration Delivers a New Search Experience to HS/HSL Users [1]
      Collaboration Space: a white paper [1]
      A collaborative space: connecting with best practices in consumer health [1]
      Connecting the dots: Tennessee's disaster preparedness and the role of information services [1]
      Connecting to the Past - Building for the Future [1]
      Connections: emergency preparedness for librarians and emergency management personnel in Maryland [1]
      Cost Analysis of Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Services [1]
      Creating an Innovation Space in an Academic Health Sciences Library: Supporting the Three Missions - Innovation, Collaboration, and Interprofessionalism [1]
      A curriculum to reduce health disparities: [1]
      The Data Jigsaw Puzzle: Will Usage Data from Multiple Sources Document the Importance of Older Literarature? [1]
      Developing a curriculum to reduce health disparities: SHARE Year 3 - developing a national student health advocacy program for community-academic partnerships [1]
      Development of a Digital Archive: Capitalizing on our Strengths [1]
      Discovering the Present, Preserving the Past: The Development of a Digital Archive at the University of Maryland [1]
      Diverse Methods for Obtaining User Feedback in a Web Redesign Project [1]
      Do we really need an ERMS? - Evaluating a subscription agent's resource management tool (MLA 2009) [1]
      Do We Really Need an ERMS? Evaluating a Subscription Agent's Resource Management Tool (MAC 2008) [1]
      eJournal Verification: Going the Distance to Provide Seamless Access [1]