• Balancing the Budget and Positioning Your Library for Financial Success

      Bodycomb, Aphrodite; Tooey, M.J. (2006-05)
      Objective: Increases in the cost of resources combined with flat budgets prompted the library to look at its accounting practices to see if the budget could be balanced more effectively. Methods: The library has experienced shortfalls in funding and other financial challenges. To manage these issues, the library established a central accounting department to audit several aspects of the budget and to determine whether the financial situation of the library could be improved. The audit results provided a starting point for the accounting department to construct the framework to implement changes to improve the overall financial situation of the library. Through corrective measures, smart planning, re-negotiating, and reorganizing of the accounting processes, the library is now positioned for future financial success.
    • Connections: emergency preparedness for librarians and emergency management personnel in Maryland

      Berlanstein, Debra R.; Grier, Persko L., Jr.; Solomon, Meredith (2010-10)
      This poster describes a one-day event hosted by the University of Maryland Health Sciences and Human Services Library to bring together librarians from across Maryland with emergency planning personnel to share ideas, establish partnerships, and bring attention to how libraries and emergency agencies can work together in an emergency situation.
    • From study room to studio: designing state-of-the-art collaboration space

      Tooey, M.J.; Mayo, Alexa A.; Pinho, Thom (2010-10)
      Poster presented at the MAC-MLA 2010 Conference, Oct. 13-15, 2010 on the transformation of a library study room into a collaboration space and presentation studio for faculty, staff and students.
    • Measuring Library Service Quality

      Lyons, Tierney; Mayo, Alexa A. (2007-10)
    • Rethinking Website Content Management

      Gerhart, Brad; Hinegardner, Patricia G.; Knott, Teresa L.; Sabinske, Nicholas (2007-10-23)
      A poster presented at the SCC-MLA 2007 Conference, Oct. 23, 2007 on the process of selecting a website content management system.
    • Trimming the Fat: A Weeding Case Report

      Tooey, M.J.; Bass, Wilma; Behles, Richard J.; Berlanstein, Debra R.; Bodycomb, Aphrodite; Brown, Everly; Drummond, Persia; Gresehover, Beverly; Knott, Teresa L.; Lyons, Tierney; et al. (2007-10)