• Assessing the Information Needs of Bioinformatics Researchers

      Goldstein Shipper, Andrea; Mayo, Alexa A. (2013)
    • Building a successful systematic review service

      Downton, Katherine; Fu, Yunting; Goldstein Shipper, Andrea; Ludeman, Emilie (2014-05)
      Background: Librarians at the University of Maryland Health Sciences & Human Services Library (HS/ HSL) have assisted investigators working on systematic reviews in the past, but a formal and marketable program did not exist. Although systematic reviews were being conducted on campus, librarian involvement was infrequent. With the goal of better serving researchers on campus, a team of librarians developed a structured systematic review service. Objectives: • Develop best practices in conducting and supporting systematic reviews. • Enhance researchers’ productivity through librarian’s role as expert searcher. • Collaborate and build partnerships with diverse constituents throughout the University. • Provide librarians with opportunities for authorship and refinement of expert searching skills as members of a systematic review team.
    • Pioneering a Research Impact Service

      Goldstein Shipper, Andrea; Betz, Gail; Yang, Kimberly F. (2015-05)
      Librarians at the University of Maryland Health Sciences and Human Services Library (HS/HSL) developed a formal research impact assessment service with the goal of supporting researchers in measuring, maximizing, and leveraging their research impact.