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      Thomae Bartholini Anatome ex omnium veterum recentiorumque observationibus inprimis institutionibus b.m. parentis Caspari Bartholini : ad circulationem Harvejanam, et vasa lymphatica [1]
      Thus shalt thou live : hints and advices for the healthy and the sick on a simple and rational mode of life and a natural method of cure [1]
      Traite d'anatomie descriptive. Tome 1 [1]
      Traite d'anatomie descriptive. Tome 2 [1]
      Traite d'anatomie descriptive. Tome 3 [1]
      Traite d'anatomie descriptive. Tome 4 [1]
      Traite de l'organe de l'ouie [1]
      Traite de zoologie medicale. Tome 1 [1]
      Traite de zoologie medicale. Tome 2 [1]
      Traite pratique d'auscultation [1]
      A treatise of the organ of hearing : containing the structure, the uses, and the diseases of all parts of the ear [1]
      A Treatise on Special and General Anatomy. Vol. 1 [1]
      A treatise on special and general anatomy. Vol. 2 [1]
      A treatise on the blood, inflammation, and gun-shot wounds [1]
      A treatise on the causes and consequences of habitual constipation [1]
      A treatise on the diseases of the breast ; Involuntary seminal discharges; A treatise on the pneumonia of children [1]
      A treatise on the diseases of the heart and great vessels, and on the affections which may be mistaken for them : comprising an author's view of the physiology of the heart's action and sounds as demonstrated by his experiments on the motions and sounds in 1830, and on the sounds in 1834-5 [1]
      A treatise on the hidden nature, and the treatment of intermitting and remitting fevers; illustrated by various experiments and observations [1]
      Treatment of fractures of the lower extremity by the use of the anterior suspensory apparatus [1]
      The treatment of small pox, measles, scarlet fever, hooping cough, croup, quinsy, &c. by the water cure and homoeopathy. Adapted for the use of families [1]