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      The Ferencz Collection [1]
      The Ferencz Historical Collection [1]
      Fifth edition of the Practical proofs of the soundness of the Hygeian system of physiology, giving incontrovertible testimony to the afflicted, of the inestimable value of Morison's vegetable universal medicines: including, with other matter, 'The Origin of life, and cause of all disease explained;' an entirely new view of the origin of the smallpox virus, and of its being most certainly eradicable, or rendered harmless; and sundry cases of cure, with most important information connected with the successful promulgation of the Hygeian system in the United States of America [1]
      Florence Nightingale Letters [1]
      The Foes of the Household [1]
      Formulae remediorum in materiam medicam et chirurgicam clarissimi ac celeberrimi viri Crantz [1]
      Forsyth's medical & surgical dictionary [1]
      From Hammurabi to Gesell : an exhibition of books on the history of pediatrics, from the Trent Collection, Duke University Medical Center Library [1]
      A Full and Accurate Account of the New Method of Curing Dyspepsia, Discovered and Practised, With Some Observations on Diseases of the Digestive Organs [1]
      The general practice of physic; extracted chiefly from the writings of the most celebrated practical physicians, and the medical essays, transactions, journals, and literary correspondence of the learned societies in Europe. Vol. 2 [1]
      Geschichte der Geburtshülfe [1]
      Geschichte des Menschen: ein Anhang zu Funk's Naturgeschichte und Technologie, zur allgemeinen Schul-encyklopadie gehorig [1]
      Geschichte und Beschreibung der Knochen des menschlichen Khorpers [1]
      Good's study of medicine [2]
      A Greek and English dictionary, comprising all the words in the writings of the most popular Greek authors; with the difficult inflections in them and in the Septuagint and New Testament [1]
      Greenwood Letters [1]
      Greenwood Papers [1]
      Gregory's Practice [2]
      The Grieves Collection [1]
      The Grieves Historical Collection [1]