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      A rational exposition of the physical signs of the diseases of the lungs and pleura; illustrating their pathology, and facilitating their diagnosis [1]
      Reformation, oder, Erneuerte Ordnung des Heyligen Reichs Stadt Franckfurt am Mayn : die Pflege der Gesundheit betreffend, welche den Medicis, Apotheckern, Materialisten und andern Angehörigen daselbsten, auch sonsten jedermänniglich zur Nachrichtung gegeben worden ... [1]
      A register of experiments anatomical, physiological, and pathological performed on living animals [1]
      Remarks and Suggestions on the Institution and System of Madhouses in England [1]
      Remembering the Davidge Elm on Arbor Day [1]
      Report [of] the Committee ... to whom was referred the petition of Dr. William T. G. Morton, asking compensation for the discovery and gift to his country and mankind of the application of ethereal vapor as a safe and practical anaesthesia [1]
      Report of the commission on the treatment of epilepsy and chorea by the correction of ocular defects. Reply of Dr. Stevens to the report of the commission. Discussion of the report by the New York Neurological Society, together with the full histories of the cases upon which the report was based [1]
      Report of the Consulting Surgeon on Spermatorrhoea, or Seminal Weakness, Impotence, The Vice of Onanism, Masturbation, or Self-Abuse, and Other Diseases of the Sexual Organs [1]
      Report of the Consulting Surgeon, On Spermatorrhoea or Seminal Weakness, and Other Diseases of the Sexual Organs [1]
      Report on ambulance and sanitary materiel. Class XI, group II. Paris exposition, 1867 [1]
      Report on Quarantine on the Southern and Gulf Coasts of the United States [1]
      Reports on Cancer [1]
      Reports on the effects of a peculiar regimen on scirrhous tumours and cancerous ulcers [1]
      A retrospect of surgery in Kentucky; the presidential address delivered before the Southern Surgical Association at Louisville, Dec. 16, 1925. [And] The heritage of Kentucky medicine; the presidential address delivered before the Kentucky State Medical Association at Frankfort, Sept. 21, 1926 [1]
      The rudiments of chemistry; illustrated by experiments and copper-plate engravings of chemical apparatus [1]
      Sanative influence of climate [1]
      A Scripture herbal [1]
      Selections from the writings of John Fothergill, 1712-1780 [1]
      A series of engravings illustrating the practice of midwifery [1]
      Sevende vervolg der brieven : waar in gehandelt werd, van veele opmerkens en verwonderens-waardige natuurs-geheimen, vervat in veertig brieven, waar van de meeste geschreven sijn aan de wijd vermaarde Koninklyke Societeit in Londen [1]